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Where to place Aloe Vera Plants at home according to Feng Shui

Aloe vera: where to place the plant and its spiritual meaning according to Feng Shui

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According to Feng Shui, plants have a protective power at home; however, among the myriad of existing species, cacti and succulents are the ones that can offer the greatest spiritual (and economic) protection.

What is the spiritual significance of aloe vera?

According to Feng Shui, the aloe vera plant has the particularity of generating positive and, at the same time, protective energy, preventing the outflow of money and good things.

This plant, also commonly known as aloe vera, belongs to the succulent family that thrives in warm and dry climates. Over the years and since ancient times, it has become a kind of lucky charm for Feng Shui, thanks to its power to repel negative energy.

Aloe vera or aloe is one of the most resistant plants that will protect you from the evil eye.

How many types of aloe vera are there?

The Aloe genus comprises more than 500 plant species, which can be categorized into three groups: tree aloes, shrub aloes, and stemless aloes. These groups can be differentiated based on characteristics such as leaf color, tooth structure, shape, plant height, and flowering style.

  • aloe juvenna,
  • aloe striata,
  • or aloe coral – and some of their leaves are usually light pink.

Where to place aloe vera according to Feng Shui?

Office or workspace

Thanks to its magnetic connection to abundance, aloe vera will be the best work companion you can have near your desk. It will help you open paths to success and achieve all your goals.

At the entrance of the house

To make the most of the spiritual powers of this succulent and eliminate negative energy definitively, it is important to protect our home from the door. Therefore, one of the strategic places for aloe vera is at the entrance of the house.

Aloe vera should be near the entrance, as it welcomes positive energies and the entry of money. What this plant does with energy is block the negative to protect the positive. So, whenever you arrive or receive a visit, the plant will act as a purifier.


Another important space that we cannot neglect is windows and balconies. According to the protective mission of aloe vera, we must protect these spaces so that dream and project thieves do not manifest.

Living room

To protect your home from bad vibes and envy, it will be indispensable to add an aloe vera pot to your living room’s decoration. This will help purify the environment and avoid the blockage of positive energy. Aloe should be where energies flow the most, in common areas.

What does it mean when aloe vera dies?

If you notice that your aloe vera is dying or severely damaged, it means that your plant has fulfilled its protective mission of absorbing bad vibes to prevent them from affecting your spiritual and economic life.”

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