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Can using Makeup Every day Damage the Skin?

According to some dermatologists, there’s no problem with using makeup every day if you have the habit of removing it before sleeping.

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“Using makeup during the day won’t harm the skin; what’s harmful is not removing it at night,” explains the doctor. If makeup is not removed at night, some problems may arise and affect skin health, such as acne.

Not removing makeup or the sunscreen used during the day can cause pore blockage, which can lead to irritation, eczema, or acne.

Due to exposure to dust and pollution throughout the day, for example, the skin’s aging process is accelerated by the stimulation of free radicals, so it’s essential to cleanse it at the end of the day.

Acne can arise if the makeup isn’t suitable for the skin type, if the products are expired, or if they don’t have ideal quality. She also provides tips to help choose suitable makeup for each skin type.

“There are hypoallergenic products specific to each skin type. For those with oily or combination skin, for example, it’s preferable to use those with a matte effect, which will help keep the skin drier and assist in oil control throughout the day.

People with drier, more aged skin, or with some wrinkles can use products enriched with active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid,” the dermatologist recommends.

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Regarding the products used to remove makeup, the dermatologist emphasizes a specific order that should be followed. “First, we use toners, followed by moisturizers and antioxidants,” the dermatologists recommend.

“The ideal is to apply sunscreen or a foundation that already has sun protection. It’s worth noting that sunscreen has a much higher protection factor than a foundation with added protection, so it’s the most recommended,” the doctor warns.

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