the couple anitta and simone susinna

In a Romantic Setting, Anitta Receives Affection from Simone Susinna in Greece

Amidst a breathtaking backdrop in Greece, the famous Brazilian singer Anitta has been showered with affection by her boyfriend, the actor and model, Simone Susinna, in what appears to be a romantic getaway.

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The charming duo has been capturing hearts with their picturesque escapades in Greece. Shared on social media, the photos showcase the undeniable chemistry and fondness between Anitta and Simone Susinna, captivating their fans and followers.

In a Romantic Setting, Anitta Receives Affection from Simone Susinna in Greece
Anitta and Simone in Greece / @Anitta from Instagram

As the Brazilian singer, Anitta, continues to expand her international fame, she has chosen Greece as the backdrop for her intimate moments with Simone Susinna. The stunning locations, from the sun-kissed beaches to the enchanting villages, have set the stage for a love-filled journey.

Simone Susinna, known for his talents as an actor and model, has been the perfect companion during this memorable vacation. Their affectionate displays have left fans intrigued and speculating about the nature of their relationship.

The romantic atmosphere of Greece seems to have brought the duo even closer, with their shared smiles and tender gestures captivating those who follow their journey on social media.

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Anitta and Simone Susinna: A Blossoming Romance

Ever since they started getting involved, Anitta and Simone Susinna have become inseparable. Despite their busy and hectic schedules, the lovebirds find a way to meet and be together – even managing to balance their work commitments.

Their romance, which became public during Anitta’s vacation with her friends along the European coast, has been growing increasingly serious. The couple has been making appearances at work-related events and doesn’t shy away from showing their passion for each other! Aren’t they adorable?

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